ZazaSound [HD]

Offering indie musicians, filmmakers & bands the very best in audio production, specializing in Mixing and Mastering to meet your audio needs. 

A hybrid approach allows you to mix ‘in the box’ & ‘out of the box’ at the same time, giving you the flexibility of both the analog and digital worlds. Get the clarity of digital with the warmth & punch of analog processing and Virtual Console Emulation…endless possibilities, professional results. 30 years of experience helps to take your projects to the next level!

  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Production Services
  • Voice Overs
  • Audio for Video
  • Sound Design
  • Remote Recording
  • Video Production (ZazaCast Films)
  • Archiving
    • ADAT
    • DAT
    • 2-track open reel


Hard work and a passion for the creative have turned this aspiring musician, photographer, filmmaker, artist and tech geek from a small upstate New York town into the Owner/Creative Director of Zaza Interactive.

In the years prior to my first technology projects, I was a certified bicycle mechanic, professional cook, multi-instrumentalist, touring musician (3 albums to my credit), music industry manufacturers representative, Senior Audio Engineer & owner of Cat Trax Recording, programmer and producer. Never quiet or unassuming, I founded Zaza Interactive in 2004.

With more then 30 years behind the console, I’ve been around well before the creation of DAW’s and NLE…it was reels of tape and razor blades back then! I’ve recorded everything from bagpipes & pipe organs to death metal and everything in-between. I’ve been lucky enough to gather engineering and production credits for a wide variety of local and regional bands. An active member of ASCAP since the early 1980’s my goal is to always stay on top of emerging technologies to bring the best production techniques to the projects I’m involved with. Working closely with clients to get the desired result is what it’s all about.

Under the umbrella of Zaza Interactive are ZazaCast Films & ZazaSound [HD] 

36 year old basic tracks – VISITOR “Conscious Objector” (1/2″ 8-track tape)


Mastered & archived this live to DAT recording from the 90’s…still one of my favorite recordings!


Transfered, mixed & mastered 13 tunes (from many years ago) and various audio for the film and CD release: www.lifeneverbegins.com


To contact ZazaSound [HD] drop me an Email & tell me about your project.

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